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Are you interested in how agricultural extension is organized in North America? North America thrives on continuous advancements rooted in science and innovation. Take a look!


7/3/20241 min read

Enhancing Agriculture through Knowledge and Innovation in North America

Modern agriculture in North America thrives on continuous advancements rooted in science and innovation. From pivotal breakthroughs in wheat production during the Green Revolution in Mexico to cutting-edge farming techniques across the U.S. and Canada, these nations have made significant investments in agricultural research and extension. These efforts have not only bolstered productivity but also enhanced profitability within farming communities.

In response to the growing need for global coordination in agricultural extension, the Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS) was established over a decade ago. This initiative has effectively connected agricultural extension practitioners worldwide, facilitating the global exchange of research and innovations crucial for supporting farmers.

Before 2020, North America lacked formal representation within the GFRAS network. To address this gap, the North American Agricultural Advisory Network (NAAAN) was founded in 2020. Hosted by the Colorado State University System, NAAAN serves as a vital link connecting Canada, Mexico, and the United States with the global agricultural extension community. This collaborative network focuses on key areas such as biodefense, biosafety, soil health, water management, and nurturing the next generation of agricultural leaders.

In summer 2021, NAAAN launched a comprehensive Mapping Exercise to assess its initiatives and challenges. This comparative overview surveyed agricultural advisory systems in Canada, Mexico, and the United States, exploring institutional landscapes, extension approaches, and funding sources.

Conducted country-specific surveys gained insights from more than 500 experts. Key challenges identified include evolving roles of public versus private advisory services, addressing diverse farm needs, and tackling emerging issues like climate change and biosecurity.

The network aims to foster collaboration and partnerships across North America and beyond.

If you are interested in Agricultural extension in North America, find more info GFRAS and NAAAN.