EUFRAS partners in a Horizon Europe ClimateSmartAdvisors project

Horizon Europe’s ClimateSmartAdvisors Project Takes Off, Supporting Europe’s Bold Climate Goals   Europe is on a mission to lead the world in tackling climate change, aiming to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. At the heart of this ambitious endeavor is the European Green Deal, which sets a clear goal: a minimum 55% reduction […]

Policy recommendations for strengthening European agricultural innovation systems

European research and action project PRO AKIS investigated agricultural advisory services within the context of Agricultural Knowledge and Information Systems (AKIS) and developed policy recommendations for strengthening European agricultural innovation systems. PRO AKIS Policy Recommendations EU SCAR AKIS (2019), Preparing for Future AKIS in Europe PRO AKIS Outputs RAS-Network IALB takes a stand on EU […]

FARMDEMO Training Kit for the organization of farm demonstration events is updated

Get inspired by the various FarmDemo tools to continuously improve your on-farm demonstrations! A unique collaboration between three European H2020 projects, AgriDemo-F2F, PLAID and NEFERTITI, resulted in the development of the FarmDemo Training kit for the organization of farm demonstration events. The Training kit collects many interesting tools, guidelines and videos that can help farmers and other organizers in organizing a […]

IALB, EUFRAS and SEASN Study Tour Allgäu September 2021

Challenges of mountain farming in the Alps, AKIS in Baden-Württemberg and Bayern, discuss CAP-Politcs with prominent EU politicians, finally meet fellow rural advisors again: The first face-to-face networking event since the beginning of the Covid-pandemia was realized in the Lake Constance Region as a supplementary field trip of the 2021 international rural advisor conference. The […]