Climate Smart Advisors

Expert advice on climate change and agriculture Climate change is threatening global food security. While the impact on agriculture is evident, agriculture is also causing climate change. Adaptation efforts are needed. In this context, the EU-funded ClimateSmartAdvisors project will bring together experts from 27 countries to find ways to adopt climate-smart (CS) farming practices. The expert advisors will develop CS innovations and practices. The project will organise activities focusing on strengthening the advisors’ capacity to provide CS advice and boosting their role in the transition towards CS farming. Specifically, an EU-wide network of 260 advisory communities of practice (CoP) will support the development of 1 500 advisors who will form the core of CS knowledge exchange. The CoPs will internationally exchange knowledge.


4/23/20231 min read

ClimateSmartAdvisors has the overall aim to mobilize the EU agricultural advisory community, leading to an acceleration of the adoption of CSF practices by the wider farming community within and across EU AKISs. ClimateSmartAdvisors aims to boost the role of agricultural advisors and advisory service providers (ASP)1 by strengthening their capacity in providing targeted advice, and by implementing the approaches and sharing the solutions developed in ClimateFarmDemo (CFD) on a wider scale, across MS and associated countries (AC). To do so, the project will set-up 260 advisory Communities of Practice (CoPs) to boost peer knowledge exchange and cross fertilisation on CSF practices and methods on a national and European level. The CoPs will be supported with dedicated training activities and a CSF interactive knowledge and methods repository. Connections will be made with national MA innovation projects (MIPs) and AKIS actors to further strengthen the advisor’s capacity in providing CS advice and supporting farmers in their systemic transition. To achieve this, we have brought together a consortium of 73 partner organisations, covering a wide range of CS-ASP across 25 EU MS and 2 AC (UK, RS). Through these organisations, we will directly engage with a minimum of 1500 advisors - 140 to be trained as Climate Smart Coaches (CSCs), equipped to support capacity building in their peers, and 1360 supported in their development as Climate Smart Advisors (CSAs).
                      Project Start: 1. April.2023.                                    Project ends: 31 March 2030