EU-FarmBook team announced the start of EU-FarmBook and introduced its open-access online platform

On 8th February, the EU-FarmBook team announced the start of EU-FarmBook, an open access platform for agricultural knowledge and information.


2/11/20242 min read

The EU-FarmBook team launched the platform live from Latvia – Laurens van der Cruyssen (OSMOS),
Inês Assunção (CONSULAI), Pieter Spanoghe (UGent), Anita Dzelme (EUFRAS), Inge De Bo (UGent)

EUFRAS is proud to announce that on 8 February, the Horizon Europe program project EU-FarmBook, of which were partners, introduced its open-access online platform, making agriculture and forestry project outcomes readily available and easily transposable to practice.

Inês Assunção and Laurens Van Der Cruyssen, both members of the EU-FarmBook consortium, moderated the event, which was broadcast live from the studio in Latvia. Online participants had the opportunity to ask questions during the event, which were answered by the experts in a Q&A session at the end.

Pieter Spanoghe, project coordinator, and Inge de Bo, scientific coordinator from Ghent University, informed about the current status of the project. Pieter Spanoghe started with a countdown: “3-2-1 – yes, the EU-FarmBook platform is now live”. As project coordinator with 29 partners, he is proud to have been part of this this important milestone. For him, the transfer of innovation and knowledge into the agricultural practice is fundamental to achieving the goals for the future of agriculture in Europe.

Inge de Bo explained that the main objective of the event is to reach contributors and experts, who upload project results and practice-orientated materials from EU-funded projects. These include project coordinators from Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe and EIP-AGRI operational groups, who have knowledge for practical use.

We want you to join us,” said Inge de Bo addressing already existing platforms, knowledge hubs and databases. “Alone you can go fast, but together we can go far and we will be stronger in collecting knowledge and reach it to the AKIS actors through one place – the EU-FarmBook platform.” We are not competing with other platforms, said Pieter Spanoghe. What makes us unique is that we focus on practical materials for agriculture and forestry. The stored knowledge can be trusted and is useful for the daily operations of farmers and foresters.

“Our goal is to have all your outputs and your research in one place and to share it with all farmers, foresters and rural actors,” said Pieter Spanoghe. Metadata, which describe knowledge objects and includes additional information provided by the contributors, is key to speeding up the search engine and optimizing search results.

The event was also attended by Anita Dzelme from the EUFRAS in Latvia, a member of the EU-FarmBook consortium, she is also one of the ambassadors of the EU-FarmBook team.

Anita Dzelme from Latvia is one of several Ambassadors in Europe

You can find for more information about this event here.