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Agricultural Advisory Center in Brwinow CDR

Agricultural Advisory Centre in Brwinów (CDR) is the central state-controlled unit operating within the institutional framework of the Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The main aim of the CDR’s activities is to improve the knowledge and skills of the agricultural advisers as well as to develop and standardize their services provided to farmers in Poland. CDR holds legal status of an autonomous public institution managed from the headquarters based in Brwinów (near Warsaw) with 4 field branches located in Kraków, Radom, Poznań and Warszawa.

Country: Poland

Address : Pszczelińska 99, 05 - 840 Brwinów Poland

Representative Name : Aleksander Bomberski

Representative Email : a.bomberski@cdr.gov.pl

website : https://en.cdr.gov.pl/