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1st of March, 2022
 September 10, 2023

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Institute for Agrifood Technology and Infrastructures of Navarra (INTIA)

INTIA is a public company, attached to the Department of Rural Development and the Environment of the Government of Navarra, integrated into the Public Business Corporation of Navarra (CPEN). Our mission is to transfer innovation in the agri-food sector that helps improve both its viability and its sustainability, maintain a lively rural environment while respecting the environment and offering quality food to society.

Country: Spain

Address : INTIA Edificio de Peritos Avda. Serapio Huici, nº 22 31610 Villava (Navarra) España

Representative Name : Ángel Malumbres

Representative Email : amalumbres@intiasa.es

website : https://www.intiasa.es/en/