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1st of March, 2022
 February 27, 2024

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EUFRAS Annual Assembly

In collaboration with this year’s hosts, ProAgria, it`s our great pleasure to invite you to the upcoming EUFRAS Annual Assembly, taking place from the 27th to the 28th of February in Vantaa, Finland.
Here will find the preliminary draft agenda, subject to updates and changes as the event approaches. Registration is open until 24.01.2024
As an integral part of the Assembly, we are hosting a poster/networking session, providing you with the opportunity to showcase your advisory tools, methods, projects, or research results. This can be done through a poster presentation highlighting the relevance for the advisor community and practical knowledge that advisors can implement. A template is available for download here, but please note that this is a suggestion only, and you are free to use your own templates and designs. Feel free to upload your posters to the shared folder here. All posters will be disseminated on the EUFRAS webpage and social media post-event. Please note that participants are responsible for bringing their own printed materials to the event venue.
Additionally, 2024 brings with it the opportunity for the re-election of the EUFRAS Board. If you envision a more active role within EUFRAS leadership, we welcome your candidature for the upcoming elections.
I encourage you to reach out with any questions or proposals to enhance the Assembly experience and very much looking forward to your participation!