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Skills and lifelong learning for agricultural advisory and training service providers

The EU CAP Network Seminar ‘Skills and lifelong learning for agricultural advisory and training service providers’ will take place in Vienna (Austria) on Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 February 2024.

The call for expression of interest is now open. If you are interested in participating, please fill in the application form before 26 November 2023, 23:59 CET.

The agenda outline is available below.

The language of the event will be English. There will be no interpretation.

Background information

To speed up the twin green and digital transition in agriculture and, at the same time, make sure that it is socially fair and just, it is crucial to have a more skilled and qualified agriculture community, specifically farmers, advisors and the workforce. These actors should be able to learn and acquire new skills in a lifelong journey.

Increasing the level of skills and developing new ones is a key outcome of a well-functioning AKIS (Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems). New CAP strategic plans provide several tools through various interventions to foster knowledge exchange and training on innovative approaches for farmers, foresters and advisors; with high potential for increased uptake by and enhanced impact among relevant stakeholders. Nevertheless, there is an ongoing need for the development of new, more interactive and effective approaches in addressing skills shortages in the agricultural sector – within the context of AKIS and the CAP. Against this background, several initiatives are taking place at the EU level. Supported by the European Commission, stakeholders of the agriculture and food industry have established a skills partnership under the EU Pact for Skills. While 2022 has been the European Year of Youth, 2023 is the European Year of Skills.

Moreover, under the new CAP, advisors have an increasingly important place in AKIS with their roles in transferring knowledge and innovation, capturing farmers’ needs, acting as innovation brokers, and participating in and sharing knowledge from EIP-AGRI Operational Group innovative projects. Additionally, their expertise is expected to expand to broader environmental, social and economic topics. Therefore, training and upskilling of advisors is necessary for supporting their expanding role within AKIS.

For all the above reasons, the EIP-AGRI Support Facility is organising this seminar on skills and lifelong learning for advisory and training service providers for the agriculture sector with a focus on skills and training delivery.


The main objective of the seminar is to exchange knowledge and identify good practices for training and advisory services to support lifelong learning AKIS-wide.

The specific objectives of the seminar are:

  • taking stock of the existing skills needs which have been identified as important for farmers and farm workers related to the green and digital transitions
  • identifying effective and new training methods and tools for advisors and others to deliver the required skills for the agricultural sector
  • improving the quality and attractiveness of training to agriculture actors including those directly interacting with advisors and training providers (i.e. farmers, farm workers, etc.)
  • building links between stakeholders and EU instruments/projects tackling skills development for agriculture actors (advisors, VET, Horizon Europe, Erasmus+, etc.)
  • supporting EU Member States in delivering knowledge to farmers/maximising CAP SP interventions impact in delivering skills to farmers, i.e. discussing how to use EIP-AGRI Operational Groups as a tool for learning and improving skills of farmers and farm workers
  • brainstorming of research and innovation needs for delivering skills for agricultural actors

The main target groups:

This seminar will focus specifically on advisors and training providers including representatives from vocational education & training organisations. We also aim to include representatives of Managing Authorities whose work revolves around agriculture advisory and training, innovation brokers, representatives from farmer and forester organisations as well as researchers and representatives of EU-funded projects dealing with the theme of the seminar.

Further information about the selection process and criteria.

For any questions, please contact seminar.innovation@eucapnetwork.eu