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History of EUFRAS

The setting up of a new organisation (EUFRAS)

European regions and countries has been achieved. There is a very active global representative body for advisory services (GFRAS) with subgroups set up in other continents. This organisation has been very successful in getting funding for the development, fake tag heuer watches delivery and evaluation of Agricultural and rural advisory systems. EUFRAS is the first European organisation of farm advisory services and is affiliated to GFRAS.

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Foundation Process of EUFRAS rolex replica

In autumn 2013, agricutural and rural advisory services from 20 European countries founded EUFRAS, the European Forum for Agricultural and Rural Advisory Services, in Berlin on Monday, September 23.

The founding members were the International Academy for Agriculture and Home Economics Advisors (IALB – GER, AU, CH, IT), the Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Center , TEAGASC (Ireland ), AGRIDEA (CH), EkoConnect e.V. (GER), the Knowledge Center of Agriculture (DK), MEDSOFTORG Ltd. (HU), Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slowenia, Agro Information Center of Azerbeijan, National Agricultural Advisory Service of Bulgaria, die University of Western Hungary – Institute for Consultancy and Training and the Association for farmers‘ rights defense (Georgia ).

In the founding meeting following persons were elected to the board: Pablo Asensio (IALB), Eva Gleerup (Knowledge Center of Agriculture Denmark), Edgars Linde (Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Center), Michael Kügler (Association of the German Agricultural Chambers) und Dr. Tom Kelly (TEAGASC Ireland). As chairman of EUFRAS the board elected Dr. Tom Kelly, Director of Knowledge Transfer at TEGEASC. Vice chairman is Edgars Linde from the Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Center.

EUFRAS is part of the global network of advisory services, the Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services, GFRAS. Founding EUFRAS took place as side event during the global annual meeting of GFRAS 22.-26.9.2013 in Berlin. Agenda and decisions taken

Representatives of rural advisory services from all over Europe vote in favour of the foundation of EUFRAS in Berlin, September 2013

Representatives of the founding organisations of EUFRAS in Berlin 2013

View photos from EUFRAS Founding Meeting, Berlin September 23rd 2013

The foundation of EUFRAS was prepared in a workshop in Wroclaw, Poland, 25th – 26th Feb 2013. The meeting was initiated and organised by the German extensionists’ network IALB and inspired by the EU projects RENE and ProAkis, both dealing with rural extension.

In Wroclaw, it was agreed to formulate EUFRAS as a European Association open to members of public and private advisory/extension service providers. Representatives of European rural advisory institutions were invited to participate in the founding process and a second preparatory meeting in Dublin (letter of common interest).

Group work at the EUFRAS preparatory workshop in Wroclaw.

Inge van Oost from the EU-Commision was one of the key speakers in Wroclaw, February 2013.

Two of the founding fathers of EUFRAS: Tom Kelly, TEAGASC Ireland and Erich Waldmeier, AGRIDEA Switzerland

View photos from Wroclaw, February 25th & 26th 2013