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 September 10, 2023


IALB, EUFRAS and SEASN Study Tour Allgäu September 2021

Challenges of mountain farming in the Alps, AKIS in Baden-Württemberg and Bayern, discuss CAP-Politcs with prominent EU politicians, finally meet fellow rural advisors again: The first face-to-face networking event since the beginning of the Covid-pandemia was realized in the Lake Constance Region as a supplementary field trip of the 2021 international rural advisor conference.

The study tour of the rural adviser networks IALB, EUFRAS and SEASN from 10 to 11 September 2021 took an international group of agricultural advisers and representatives of the adviser networks to the Baden-Württemberg State Research Centre in Aulendorf, to a farm in Bad Wurzach and to three alpine pastures in Kempten, Bavaria, for the first time since the beginning of the Corona pandemic. The programme included, among other things, an exchange with the Chairman of the Agricultural Committee of the EU Parliament Norbert Lins and the Association of Extension Services of Baden-Württemberg. With the study tour, part of the programme of the IALB-EUFRAS-SEASN meeting 2021, which was cancelled due to Corona, was made up for on a smaller scale in Presence