On  21st and 22nd June 2017, more than 200 companies, associations and organisations will be presenting what they have to offer in the organic agriculture arena at the first ever nationwide Organic Field Days.

Most exhibitors come from the sectors of agricultural engineering, inputs and seeds/vegetative propagation material. Eleven additional categories ranging from consultancy to research and certification all the way to animal husbandry and marketing will be represented, reflecting the rich spectrum of participants. The Organic Field Days will inform across a wide range how organic farms can further develop. Central themes will be, for example, organic breeding, nutrient management and conservation tillage, as well as, agriculture and nature conservation.

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All interested parties are invited to combine the Organic Field days with the 56th IALB and 6th EUFRAS Conference in which will take place from 18th till 22nd June 2017 with the topic “Agriculture and Advice in Change – New paths between globalised markets and regional demands“ in Münster.

For more information, please see the Program for “Ökofeldtage“ in Frankenhausen on Thursday 22nd June!