Details: | Published: 15 January 2019

To get a better view on the use of Precision Agriculture Technologies in European agriculture, a partnership is launching a survey for European farmers. The survey wants to learn more about European farmers' awareness and experiences on Precision Agriculture Technologies.

In an agricultural market where gross margin and profitability are becoming increasingly tighter, the application of Precision Agriculture Technologies (PAT) can potentially contribute to a better economic, environmental and social farm performance. These technologies, including the use of information technology, satellite positioning data, remote sensing and proximal data collection, can optimise production efficiency, improve working conditions, increase farmers’ income, and reduce unintended impacts on the environment.

The survey is available in English and translations in 22 other European languages can be found here in EIP-AGRI site.

The online survey will run until 10th of February 2019 and targets user of PAT as well as non-users.

Please share this information widely in your networks and invite advisors to encourage farmers to participate!


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