58. IALB/ 8. EUFRAS Conference "Agriculture in the tension between economics and ecology – Advisory services and education as mediation" was held from 2nd to 6th of June 2019 in Salzburg, Austria.

Agricultural advisory services are increasingly addressing the tensions between the economic interests of farming businesses on the one hand, and the multifaceted demands, especially with respect to the environment, that society places on agriculture on the other. Effective consulting requires reliable information about problem areas, adapted advisory methods and practical solutions, all of which can then be harnessed in the advisory process.

This years conference assembled intriguing presentations, diverse workshops and variety-packed excursions on themes that included:

- role of consulting in the field of tension between economy and ecology

- efficient and digital methods in education and advisory services

- role of consulting and innovation in the CAP post 2020

The goal of the 58th IALB / 8th EUFRAS Conference was succesfully accomplished to find new paths and implementation strategies appropriate to this field of tension.

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In the countryside and yet close to the old town of Salzburg Conference 2019 was an ideal meeting place for professional exchange, networking beyond one’s own borders, further development of education and advisory services, as well as insights into the agricultural structure of Salzburg and Austria. Photo credits: team of the Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia.

Another turning point for EUFRAS in this year`s gathering was the resignation of its Chairman of the Board Tom Kelly (Director of Knowledge Transfer form TEAGASC, Ireland) who has successfully lead EUFRAS through its first year`s of establishment since 2013 and can be sincerely acknowledged for his devotion and contribution in leading the network in this important and challenging initial years of development. Tom still stays an active member of the Board, but from now on the duties of the Chairman of the Board will be performed by Jussi Juhola (Director of IT and International Affairs from ProAgria, Finland) who has been unanimously elected and warmly welcomed by the Board.

Stay tuned - conference presentations and more information will be published on www.xing-events.com/IALB2019 soon enough!