CECRA stands for Certificate for European Consultants in Rural Areas and is a competence development programme for advisors and consultants. The aim of the programme is to create a standard within advisory skills across Europe.

CECRA helps participants to improve their advisory and extension techniques.

CECRA training schedule 2022

Teagasc is an approved provider of CECRA training in Ireland. A series of advisory skills training modules have been developed for an Irish context and are now available for consultants and advisors in Ireland.
What are the benefits?
- Participants develop their skills and knowledge in advisory techniques as well as self-development.
- Strong practical training centred on participants needs
- Learn about independent planning, implementation and evaluation of individuals and groups, educational events and projects.
- Reflect on the professional activities in your various consulting and training roles and develop your personality profile on an ongoing basis.
- Meet like-minded colleagues and establish a transnational network.
- You acquire additional methodological knowledge that will increase your success in your advisory and extension activities.

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