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Fostering an effective and integrated AKIS in Member States

To ensure that innovative solutions for European agriculture, forestry and rural areas are created together, shared and taken up widely, EU Member States are investing in strong Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS) through their CAP Strategic Plans. The EU CAP Network seminar ‘Fostering an effective and integrated AKIS in Member States’ was organized in Vilnius, Lithuania on Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 June 2023, aiming to support EU Member States in the implementation of their AKIS Strategic Plans, namely by promoting efficient knowledge and innovation flows across the EU. The event focused on exchanging experiences and inspiring examples and shared plans to help organize and support effective knowledge creation and knowledge exchange between all AKIS actors.

The seminar specifically:

  • Discussed AKIS models in Member States, and the various approaches of AKIS Coordination Bodies in supporting a well-functioning AKIS;
  • Discussed the different roles of advisors, including their role as innovation support providers, and discuss what is needed for upskilling their competence and for their integration in AKIS, learning from already existing experiences with the implementation of related CAP interventions.

Participants shared experiences in preparation for discussions during the event, the summaries of their inputs as well as the program, participants list, profiles of the speakers, PowerPoint presentations, and a selection of photos are made available for your review. Find the event results online! Furthermore, you can read a short report presenting the key take-away messages from the seminar. A full report on this seminar will be available later this year.

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