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Members gather at the networking event in Leuven

From the 8th to the 9th of September, EUFRAS members traveled to Leuven, Belgium for a chance to network and discuss joint activities!

The event was organized in cooperation with Boerenbond, which is the professional organization of and for every farmer, horticulturist and green provider in Flanders and East Belgium. In consultation with society, Boerenbond wants to build vigorous, sustainable agriculture and horticulture. This sustainability is reflected in four areas: ecological, economic, social, and societal. It was particularly interesting to learn more about the activities of Boerenbond by visiting the farm sites where it was possible to learn more about the activities and the working methods of their organization based on the stories of their “ambassadors”. Those ambassadors are farmers who have been or are being advised and supported by advisors. In recent years Boerenbond has worked with them to realize their creative ideas, such as local energy partnerships, the development of new products, a new pig stable concept, etc.

A special welcome was given to EUFRAS member organization National Association of Agricultural Advisory Services of Ukraine with whom the perspectives of the agricultural development in war conditions and possible collaboration opportunities were discussed between the members.

There are a lot of projects currently being approved within the Horizon Europe program where the majority of EUFRAS members are involved. A networking session to explore the synergies and possible collaboration was organized by inviting Climate Farm Demo, ClimateSmartAdvisors, EU-FarmBook, modernAKIS, ATTRACTISS and COREnet projects to provide an insight into the future plans and opportunities available for the advisor community.

Another topical actuality that was announced during the meeting is the EUFRAS-YPARD Advisor Mentorship and Training Program. This program, which will launch in November 2022, will offer training and mentoring to young advisors with a focus on sustainable and just food systems. The benefits of the program include the opportunity to practice hard and soft skills that can offer young advisory workers the tools to have an effective and rewarding career in extension and advisory services. Additionally, participants will receive the CECRA (Certificate for European Consultants in Rural Areas) Full Certificate.

The target group of this program is European young rural advisors, younger than 35 years old, at the beginning of their careers. To benefit from the program, good command of the English language is a precondition. For more information, please have a look at this page where you will also find the application form and call for mentors. To apply for this program, advisors should send the completed application form and their CV to liga.cimermane@llkc.lv by October 10th, 2022.

Within the framework of the event, a networking session was held, during which advisory services were given the opportunity to present themselves and their projects/services, as well as get acquainted with the latest developments and research in the agricultural sector.

If you missed the chance to participate, do not worry, below we have published all the presentations for your review as well as invite you to take a look at the photo carousel.

Presentation: EUFRAS meeting Leuven – Boerenbond

Presentation: EUFRAS meeting Leuven – Ukraine

Presentation: EUFRAS meeting Leuven – Climate Farm Demo

Presentation: EUFRAS meeting Leuven – ClimateFarmAdvisors

You can also watch the recorded presentation here!

Presentation: EUFRAS meeting Leuven – EU-FarmBook

Presentation: EUFRAS meeting Leuven – modernAKIS

Presentation: EUFRAS meeting Leuven – ATTRACTISS

Presentation: EUFRAS meeting Leuven – University of Foggia

Presentation: YEUFRAS Mentoring and Training Program 2022-23

Presentation: EUFRAS meeting Leuven – COREnet