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 February 27, 2024

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Season’s Greetings from EUFRAS Chairman of the Board

Dear EUFRAS members,

Another year is again coming to a close. The year 2023 was, as has nearly become the norm lately, quite an exceptional one. This year it was the climate, which once again forced us to adopt. We’ve had massive wildfires, floods, and droughts around Europe, all in the space of a single growing season. This once again reminded us of the simple fact that agriculture is heavily dependent on the environment and climate conditions, there is only so much we can do to combat adverse conditions. Therefore it is perhaps even more important than ever to work towards a more sustainable and climate resilient agriculture tomorrow.  

This is where, in my opinion, we come to one of the fundamental reasons why EUFRAS exists today. We as advisors are constantly challenged with complex questions and we’re expected to be there for the farming community, to help them tackle challenges. There are questions that we simply cannot answer on our own, we need support and that is where our network comes in. There is such a wealth of knowledge that lies with our members and through the network, we’re all able to draw upon this collective knowledge. This collective knowledge is also being put to use now maybe more than ever, since there are a number of EU Horizon projects that EUFRAS members are coordinating of actively participating in. I have been really glad to see an increasing number of our members getting involved in Horizon projects throughout the year. In a lot of ways working together in projects concretizes what we can achieve by working together. They are also a great way to build new networks amongst like-minded colleagues. I would encourage all our members who are eligible to participate in EU-funded projects to get involved, this way we’re really able to make a difference and keep the voices of the advisory community out there, making a difference.

With these words I’d like to thank you all for this, my final full year, as chairman of EUFRAS. Let’s see what next year holds in store for us, but one thing I can say with absolute certainty, whatever it may be, the advisory community will pull through and continue to be there for our farmers!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2024!

Warmest regards,

Jussi Juhola