Practical information and results from COCOREADO Project on Short Food Supply Chains

The first EUFRAS COFFEE Break rewiev is here! In this exciting session, we had the pleasure of meeting with representatives from the COCOREADO project. They shared with insights, results, benefits, and discussed how rural consultants can apply these findings in their daily work. Stay tuned for more enriching sessions!


6/19/20241 min read

The EUFRAS team is deeply grateful to everyone

who participated in our first COFFEE Break event on June 13th.

Special thanks to Svetla Stoeva and Lisa Van Den Bossche for presenting the COCOREADO Project, a heartfelt thank you to all the participants for your attendance, questions, and engagement!

We had 178 participants from 27 countries registered for the event, AMAZING!

Below, you’ll find a link to the COFFEE Break video:


  • 5 min: Meet & greet (Rui Almeida | EUFRAS)

  • 5 min: introduce the Novel and Fair Food Systems - NOFAS (Lisa Van den Bossche | ILVO | COCOREADO Project)

  • 5 min: how we selected and studied NOFAS(Lisa Van den Bossche | ILVO | COCOREADO Project)

  • 10 min: The structure of the roadmap (Svetla Stoeva | IPS-BAS | COCOREADO Project)

  • 5 min: How advisors can use the roadmaps (Svetla Stoeva | IPS-BAS | COCOREADO Project)

  • 5 min: COCOREADO practical tools for advisors (Rui Almeida | EUFRAS)

  • 5 min: Q&A (Anita Dzelme | EUFRAS)


Please find the presentation here!

Enjoy and see you at the next EUFRAS COFFEE Break events!