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Eufrus Project Details

EU FarmBook

The EU FarmBook is being developed to test a big idea: Can all of the tangible outputs of EU-funded research and innovation projects be brought together and organized in one user-friendly platform to help get practical knowledge into the hands of the farmers, foresters and advisors across Europe who need it most?

The challenges to doing this are great – data(base) quality and compatibility issues, language barriers, and intergenerational considerations to name a few – but we believe that the future of agriculture and forestry innovation in Europe is digital, and requires a vastly increased and improved digital exchange of knowledge between EU regions and Member States, as well as between different agricultural stakeholders: researchers, policymakers, SMEs, advisors, farmers and foresters.

EU FarmBook is the result of two EU-funded Horizon 2020 “sister” projects, EURAKNOS (https://euraknos.eu/) and EUREKA (https://h2020eureka.eu/), which have brought together diverse partners from 28 organizations across 16 countries to work together using a multi-actor approach. Please visit the websites and check out this short video to learn more.

Find out more on https://eufarmbook.eu/