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1st of March, 2022
 February 27, 2024

EUFRAS-YPARD Young Advisors Mentoring & Training Program 22/23

Extension and advisory services are crucial in keeping current farmers and future farmers interested in producing food and contributing to food security. However, extension and advisory agents face similar challenges to young farmers in entering and staying in the sector, including access to opportunities, credibility, and support. To tackle the problem and its root causes, […]

Participate in a webinar: “Improve your farm demonstrations”

In the week of October 6-10, 2015, a group of 17 experienced extension method trainers from six different European countries met for the so-called Fast Track Train the Trainer Workshop at the College for Amenity Horticulture in Dublin. The group’s mission was to understand and absorb the content, ethos and methodology of the Certificate for […]